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User agreement

  1. General Provisions
    1. PARSER LTD offers you to use online source code optimization service, on rules and conditions set in this User Agreement (hereinafter referred as ТAgreementУ, ТUAУ). New Agreement can be changed by PARSER LTD with no preliminary notifications, and new redaction of Agreement comes into force immediately after its publication. Current redaction of Agreement is always present at PARSER LTD website User Agreement comes into force as soon as you agree with its conditions by signing up at
    2. Use of online source code optimization service is regulated by this Agreement.
    3. The Law of Russian Federation applies to this Agreement as well to your interaction with PARSER LTD during the use of optimization service. In the text of this Agreement, if other is not explicitly stated, the ТlawУ means the Law of Russian Federation as well as the Law of your residence.
    4. By your registration on you state your unconditional agreement with all conditions of this Agreement and are obliged to obey these conditions or immediately stop using PARSER LTD service.
  2. Service description

    PARSER LTD gives to users of the access to automatic and semi-automatic software source code optimization service. Every update of the service is a subject of this Agreement. You understand and agree that service is provided to you Тas isУ and PARSER LTD is not responsible for any delays, faults, wrong or delayed delivery, removal or safety of your user private information. To use online software optimization service, you should have a computer and Internet connection. All issues concerning establishing your Internet connection, buying and setting up the corresponding equipment and software products are resolved solely by you and are not the subject of this Agreement.

  1. Your liabilities during registration

    To use PARSER LTD online software optimization service, you agree to give complete and correct information about yourself in all necessary fields in Registration Form, and keep this information correct and updated in your Profile. If you give incorrect information, or PARSER LTD has reasons to suppose that your information is incorrect, PARSER LTD has right to block or remove your user account and block your ability to use the service. PARSER LTD can at any moment ask to approve the information given during registration and request the corresponding documents, refusal of showing these documents can be equal to giving incorrect information, at the discretion of PARSER LTD.

  1. Your registration, password and privacy

    After completing the registration process you can use your login (the unique name of your user account) and password to access the personified components of PARSER LTD website services. You have the responsibility for the safety of your login and password, and for everything that is done by whoever signs in to using your login and password. PARSER LTD can block the allowance to use some user names during registration. You agree to immediately notify PARSER LTD about any case of unsanctioned connection with your login/password or any other safety violation, and also that you logout from the system safely (clicking the ТLogoutУ button by yourself) after each session and maintain the confidentiality of your password. PARSER LTD is not responsible for any data corruption or removal, which is caused by your violation of the terms of this part of Agreement.

  1. Your obligations as a registered user

    You agree not to use PARSER LTD services for:

    1. Uploading content that is illegal, malicious or infringing copyright
    2. Posing yourself as another person or as a member of some organization/community without appropriate permission to do so, including PARSER LTD employees, forum moderators, site owner, or intentionally making wrong statements about any subjects and objects
    3. Uploading, sending or transferring any content that you donХt have permission to make accessible due to Law of Russian Federation or any contract relations
    4. Uploading, sending, transferring, or any other way of deploying any content that infringes any patent, trademark, commercial (trade) secret, copyright or any other type of property and/or authorХs and related rights of third party
    5. Uploading, sending, transferring, or any other way of deploying any type of advertising, unless explicitly allowed, spam (including search engine spam), e-mail lists, pyramid-like schemes of multi-level (network) marketing (MLM), systems of web- and email-commerce, Тchain lettersУ, or taking part in these types of activity (sending letters with links to PARSER LTD services, including e-mail addresses, web-sites, bookmarks etc. can be acknowledged as taking part in activities prohibited in this part of Agreement, even if PARSER LTD servers were not directly used in transmissions)
    6. Uploading, sending, transferring, or any other way of deploying any content that contains viruses or other codes, files or programs designed for causing malfunction, destruction or limitation of functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment or programs, for getting unauthorized access, as well as serial numbers to commercial software and programs for their generation, login names, passwords and other tools for getting unauthorized access to commercial web resources, and placing links for aforesaid information
    7. Intentional violation of local, Russian law or rules of international rights
    8. Collecting and storing of third party personal data
    9. Violating of normal operation of PARSER LTD web site
    10. Placing links to resources that contain content that is illegal due to Law of Russian Federation
    11. Assistance to actions that violate rules and restrictions of this Agreement

    You agree that PARSER LTD is not obliged to preview any type of content before its deploying on web site, and that PARSER LTD has a right (but no obligation) to block deployment or delete any content that is accessible through PARSER LTD services. You agree that you should evaluate all risks, related to the usage of content, including utility, completeness and usefulness of this content, by yourself.

    You acknowledge that the technology of services may require transferring of your content through computer networks, as well as alteration of this content to satisfy technical requirements.

  1. The rules of registration usage

    You agree not to duplicate, copy, sell, and not use for any commercial profit any parts of PARSER LTD services, usage and access to services, unless permitted by PARSER LTD. After registration at, you get non-transferrable right to use your registration (login and password) to access PARSER LTD services. You can not pass your registration (login and password) to third party, and further do not have right to get it from third party without written permission from PARSER LTD. PARSER LTD does not have responsibility for any contracts between you and third party.

  1. General Provisions for usage of service and data storage

    You acknowledge, that PARSER LTD is not responsible for any delays, faults, removal or safety of your user private information. You agree that PARSER LTD can remove users that havenХt use service for some period of time. You also acknowledge that PARSER LTD can change rules and restrictions at any time, with or without preliminary notification.

  1. Discontinuance of registration
    1. You agree that PARSER LTD has a right to block or remove your account, or discontinue the use of your account without any notifications, including the cases of violating UA or not using the optimization service for 2 months.
    2. You can at any time remove your account on by the use of corresponding function in your Profile
    3. PARSER LTD can at any moment close any of its services with or without preliminary notifications. In this case PARSER LTD has no responsibility for closing the access to its services.
  2. Links can contain web links to other resources. You acknowledge and agree that PARSER LTD is in no way responsible for availability and content of these resources, and for any consequences of using these resources.

  1. PARSER LTD property rights

    You acknowledge and agree that PARSER LTD website may have content that is protected by copyright, trademark, patent and other corresponding laws. If not explicitly stated by PARSER LTD, you agree not to modify, sell or distribute this content in whole or in part.

  1. Exemption from warranty

    You acknowledge and agree that:

    1. You use software optimization service at your own risk. The service is provided Тas isУ. PARSER LTD doesnХt have any responsibility for service usage, including the compliance of optimization results to userХs goals.
    2. PARSER LTD does not guarantee that: online optimization service will comply with your demands; the service will be provided continuously, fast, fully reliable and with no faults; results obtained through service will be precise and reliable; quality of obtained program or its part will meet your expectations; any errors in program code will be corrected
    3. Optimized program code, obtained through PARSER LTD software optimization service, can be used at your own risk, you have all responsibility for any damage that can be dealt to your computer and your data due to usage of optimized program code
    4. PARSER LTD does not take responsibility for any direct or indirect losses due to: usage or impossibility to use service; unsanctioned access to your data; actions of third party that obtained unsanctioned access to PARSER LTD services
  1. General information
    1. UA is legally binding agreement between you and PARSER LTD and regulates your usage of PARSER LTD software optimization service.
    2. You and PARSER LTD acknowledge that possible disputes about the contents of UA will be resolved by the rules of Law of Russian Federation.
    3. Due to free-of-charge type of services which are provided under this Agreement, it cannot be the subject of norms of protection of customersХ rights. If software optimization service provided to you by PARSER LTD becomes commercial, it will be regulated by corresponding Contract with its own regulations.
    4. Nothing in this UA can be acknowledged as establishment between you and PARSER LTD of agency relationship, companionship, employment relationships, joint partnership or any other relations not provided in UA.
    5. Recognition by Law any part of this Agreement as invalid or not mandatory to execute will not cause any other part of Agreement to be invalid or not mandatory.
    6. Inactivity from PARSER LTD in case of your violation of UA conditions will not disable PARSER LTD right to act accordingly later to provide protection of its rights and interests, and doesnХt signifies PARSER LTD refusal to its rights in case of such or similar violations in future.
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