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Threading APIs

OpenMP (Open Multi-Processing)  - de facto API for multi-platform shared memory multiprocessing. Works with C, C++, Fortran.
Official site for OpenMP:

POSIX Threads - a POSIX standard API for creating and manipulating threads.

Windows API - standard API for Microsoft Windows development, which includes creating and operating threads.

Grand Central Dispatch - technology for optimizing applications for multi-core systems, developed by Apple Inc.

Parallel computing frameworks

PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine) - software framework, that allows a network of heterogenous computers to be used as a single distributed parallel processor.

Message Passing Interface (MPI) - specification, which was introduced in years 1993—1994 by MPI Forum, a consortium of academic and industry groups. The first message passing interface specification, superceded by MPI-2.
Official site for MPI:

Intel ® MPI - commercial MPI implementation, which is optimized for Intel architectures. Is included in Intel® ClusterToolkit.
Intel official web site:

Microsoft MPI - MPI implementation for Microsoft Windows и доступен, в том числе, по лицензии MSDN Academic Alliance. Microsott MPI is included in Compute Cluster Pack SDK, Microsoft HPC Server 2008. Microsoft MPI is based on MPICH2, with additional task management tools. Supports MPI-2 specification.
Official MSDN site:

Open MPI – “opensource” MPI implementation that is developed and maintained by a consortium of academic, research, and industry partners. Fully supports MPI-2, various OS and communication networks.

Parallel computing portals, forums, etc.

Intel software network - Intel's online program to encourage and support development of applications for Intel hardware and software products.
HPC and parallel programming tools on Intel Software Network:

MSDN - Microsoft Developer Network.
Official MSDN site:

PARALLEL.RU - informational analytical center, largest portal for high-performance and parallel computing in Russia (mostly in Russian language).

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