The software optimization

  • Software optimization allows to improve the efficiency of software-dependent enterprises. Speedup of programs, which are used to operate the parts of business process, allows to lower mean problem solution time, and thus increase the competitiveness of the company.
  • Adaptation of software for modern computing architectures increases software lifecycle and allows to lower expenses for acquisition of new software.
  • Optimization allows to improve the efficiency of end product of software development businesses. Optimized software works faster, allows to solve more complex and computational-intensive problems, and is more appealing to customer.
  • Improving the effectiveness of scientific and engineering software development, dealing with intensive computations, modelling, data processing. Optimization can sometimes speedup these computations by orders. These can give both the ability to improve the number of problem cases to study, as well as improve the compexity of problems and predictive validity of models.
  • Improving the efficiency of software which is already developed and used in solution of socially significant problems.


About us

PARSER LTD is an innovative, constantly improving company. We grant services of software optimization for multicore and multiprocessor architectures. Source code optimization via Web is a highly convenient and practical way of improving your software.

Our experts are always ready to give you consulting services and to conduct professional master-classes and seminars in software optimization.

Maximum satisfaction of customer and maximum effectiveness of software - these are the rules of PARSER LTD.

Whoever moves faster, wins the game!

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